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Win Awakening: How Are You?


How many of you are tired, weary and brokenhearted?

Are you tired of comparing yourself to the social mask of the person next to you?

Do you need to hear some good news and a place to rest?

 Let us help you at the W.I.N. Awakening.

Our desire is to help heal the brokenhearted, help draw out your identity, help anchor your hope, help grow your faith and help you experience true life in the middle of your mess.

Below are twenty real emotions to real life issues that all of us have experienced

in the coaching profession. 

Below is a list of what are real emotions to real life issues

1. Won a game or won all your games (12-0)

2. Lost a game or lost all your games (0-12)

3. Won a championship or lost a championship

4. Been promoted, fired or passed over

5. Been criticized or cussed (publicly or privately)

6. Stuffed your true emotions

7. More acquaintances than true friends

8. Waited on the phone to ring (felt alone)

9. Struggled to look at scoop or social media

10. Asked why not me-why him

Let Us Help you At Win Awakening

11. Experienced no return call (no communication)

12. Experienced family tension (spouse or kids)

13. Experienced financial strains

14. Experienced health issues

15. Sold a house or lived apart

16. Searched for new schools for your kids

17. Struggled with contentment

18. Struggled with anger and bitterness

19. Struggled with depression

20. Whispered, I can't do this anymore

How Are You: W.I.N. Awakening - Connect with our ministry

If you would like to learn more about living from your true identity, your wholeness and what it means to be known by God,
then please contact me at

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