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Winless Victory

Last Friday night, our football team finished the season with a 0-10 record. The following day, one of the parents posted this note on Facebook. “Seeing my son get emotional last night for the senior football players makes me proud. He gets it…it’s more than winning a game, SO MUCH MORE! This football season, despite our record, has been PHENOMENAL. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve LIVED it.”

In a culture emphasizing outcomes, seeing someone who can see through performance, recognize growth, and experience true life is refreshing. One year ago this week, I started the W.I.N. Awakening with the vision to awaken hearts and minds to what it truly means to W.I.N. and to help coaches, athletes, and those who lead live from a place of Victory.

This season will quietly go in the record books as WINLESS, but the stories and moments we hold in our hearts will shout VICTORY!

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