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Pauline and I have recently returned from a two-week adventure covering New York to Florida. Our New York trip included our daughter Kelly, and two grandchildren, who are three and five. We experienced a first flight, canceled flights, and a fifteen-hour road trip home through eight states. There were family conversations and good food—my favorite bagels, pizza, and cannoli. The kids enjoyed walks in the woods, digging for worms, and building a toad house. We also spent an afternoon riding the rides at adventure land.

We loaded up the car for Florida two days after returning from New York. Yes, we chose to drive ten more hours. We met our oldest son, Austin, and our other four grandchildren, seven, five, four, and two. In Florida, we were blessed with a friend’s home and pool. We also spent time at the beach, which meant daily sunscreen for the four kiddos. We spent time jumping the waves, looking for shells, and playing in the sand. Each afternoon, we enjoyed a movie, a snack, and usually a dirty diaper change. There was a boat ride and fireworks as a special treat.

I also celebrated my 60th birthday. My daughter Katie, who lives in Florida, joined us for the special day. The joyous noises throughout the week were the sound of little feet running through the house and the cry of Papa-Papa and Gigi-Gigi while walking hand in hand with the little ones. I bet these will be the sounds and sights of heaven as we cross over to ultimate reality someday.

For the last several months, I have been contemplating the ordinary. In a society where many seek the extraordinary, we tend to miss the miraculous in the mundane. In John 10:10, Jesus said, “I came that YOU may have life, and have it more abundantly. Are YOU experiencing abundant life, NOW? Do YOU know what it means to live from His fullness, where YOU experience Grace, Rest, and Peace amid ordinary life?

I invite YOU to join me at the W.I.N. Awakening as we discover the reality of Grace, Rest, and Peace in the ordinary, for that is extraordinary!

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