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As I sat down to watch who would be the first pick of the 2023 NFL Draft last night, I was drawn to the conversation all the experts were having about Bryce Young and his similarities to Steph Curry. One of the similarities they mentioned was his extraordinary vision and ability to see the whole field like a point guard in basketball. Being compared to someone else can be flattering but also create expectations.

Trying to wrap our minds around being made in the likeness of God can be a challenge. We often try to be like someone else in our search for significance. We battle the voices that tell us we are not good enough and need to do something to be like God. The truth is that we are already like God and have all been created in His likeness. The Good News is that there are no expectations with Papa; He finished the work and declared us righteous (right standing), Holy (set apart), and blameless (innocent) so that we can rest in Him. As we understand our likeness, we will experience the daily manifestations of His grace, peace, and love.

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