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Kingdom Coach

It was October 2007, and I was standing on the sideline calling plays for the Paladins against our rivals, the War Eagles. Everything I called was working that night. Then all of a sudden, I had a Kingdom moment. Deep inside my heart, I was still angry and questioning God about my firing two years ago. I called the same plays but with different results. At that moment, I gazed upward toward the darkening sky through the stadium lights, and with a silent scream, I questioned Papa’s plan for me. How did I end up here? I want to be on a bigger stage. Does no one know I am here? At that moment, a small still voice whispered in my ear; Ken, you are on the grandest stage of them, the heavens stage, all the heavenly hosts, and I know where you are.

The most successful coaches I know always seek an edge and will turn over every stone to find it. As you prepare for the upcoming season, let me remind you to pause and take inventory of your heart and mind. Don’t be afraid to remove your mask. Ask the tough questions; Who am I, and where do I get my identity? Do I have people with whom I can be transparent and vulnerable daily? Does my faith work between the lines, or when I come up on the wrong end of the scoreboard? Why do I coach? What is it like to be coached by me? How do I define winning? These are some of the most critical questions a coach must answer.

So, what is a Kingdom coach? One who understands their true identity and how it affects how they live and coach. Kingdom coaches think differently; they see with different eyes and speak words that draw out and raise up those they coach. If you want to learn more about Kingdom coaching and how YOU can live from a place of victory (Wholeness, Identity, Known), join us at the W.I.N. Awakening, where we help YOU WIN!

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