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Keeping Score

Last week I asked the question on several social media outlets. Do YOU know the difference?

1. Winning vs. Victory?

Before I ruffle too many feathers, I have always tried to win every game I was involved in and agree that winning is more fun. Still, we must answer whether it is possible to experience victory when we lose, fall short, or do not meet the expectations of others.

How do you define winning? I define winning as helping someone to live from a place of victory. Some describe it as a pursuit to achieve a goal determined by performance outcomes, public expectations, or measurable results in the context of an event. Events matter, but let us always remember the value and worth of those who experience the event.

Victory is experiencing grace (presence), peace (contentment), and rest (freedom) in the ordinary, regardless of the outcome. It is not a state we reach but a status we realize. As we awaken to our union and oneness, we will begin to live from a place of wholeness, true identity, and the reality of being known, whether in victory or defeat.

2. Events vs. Lifestyle?

My athletic director once asked me what your team does for community service. My response was different from what he expected. I said I do not believe in community service. Of course, he asked why, and I explained that most of my experiences as a former player or coach with community service have been about recognition for the team. I told him I want our players to understand that other-centered service and love happen along the way of life, not only through an organized event. Then I shared how our players could love others throughout their day.

3. Living Toward vs. Living From?

Living toward something promotes the thought that I lack something, whereas living from suggests already possessing it. One is about the pursuit and striving after, while the other is one of fullness and completeness while experiencing true life. When you believe you are already victorious regardless of the outcome, you will enjoy the moment- rest is the result!

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