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As a veteran coach of thirty-three years, with sixteen of those as the head football coach, I would like to look inside the head and heart of a head coach. Allowing someone to look under the hood is scary for most head coaches. Transparency and vulnerability do they belong in coaching? We have always been taught to keep our guard and not let anyone get too close. Coaches are some of the most insecure people I know and are notorious for wearing some of the best masks. What is keeping YOU from experiencing the reality of your faith and living victoriously inside and outside the lines?

Let’s take a moment to consider some of the insecurities we struggle with as a head coach:

1. False Identity

(Performance vs Being)

2. Fear of Failure

(Failure produces Growth)

3. Losing Control

(Coach with Open Hands)

4. Lack of Contentment

(Person in Front of YOU)

5. Home Base

(Husband & Dad)

How are YOU when YOU end up on the wrong end of the score, or your record is not measuring up?

The experts quickly declare the winners and losers, but a kingdom coach will uncover the true STORY within their critique.

“The world will write its story with pencil and pen, but Papa will write His with the lives of women and men.” -Bruce Bickel

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