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As a former head football coach, one of my top priorities at the start of training camp each year was ensuring that my coaches, trainers, and sports performance staff adequately educated our players on staying hydrated. There are many variables when it comes to the prevention of heat illness, and by no means am I claiming to be an expert but one of the simplest ways to hydrate is to drink water.

When I think back to training camp in high school, where three-a-day practices were the norm, no acclimatization days with only helmets, limited water breaks, salt pills, and no air conditioning, I am amazed that we survived. We did not know any better.

Fast forward forty years, and now we are inundated with sports drinks, protein bars, and recovery shakes, to name a few. Practice sessions have gone from three-a-days in full pads to a stringent acclimatization schedule of helmets, shells, full pads, one-a-day practices with limited contact, and scheduled water breaks.

Have you ever considered what the scriptures have to say about hydration? How can YOU and I stay hydrated, and what is our true source? Could there be more to hydration than we know? Does proper hydration only require replenishment of the loss of fluids or a drawing from what YOU already possess, living water? In John 4, the Samaritan woman was about her daily business of replenishing her family’s water supply when she encountered Jesus and a new source of hydration.

Well Water or Living Water?

What will it be for YOU?

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