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Christmas RPO's


It is that time of year again: secret Santa parties, Christmas concerts, cards and cookies, gingerbread houses, wrapping and unwrapping gifts, unique family traditions, early signing period, college bowl games, and the NFL playoffs. 

Many of us get caught up in the outcomes of the holiday season, and we miss the true essence of Christmas.

This Christmas, let me remind YOU that we are Papa’s idea, and He has come in the incarnation to introduce You to the real You! 

As witnesses, we are privileged to call attention to His presence in one another.

Do YOU recognize Christ in YOU?

Are YOU able to recognize Christ in others?

Are YOU seeing through darkness and recognizing light?

Do YOU recognize Christ in people and moments where He is not supposed to be?

As YOU exchange gifts this Christmas, be reminded that there is a reason they are called presents.

This Christmas, may YOU experience the abundant life that we have been given, which happens when we are free to love and be loved, know and be known, and give ourselves and receive.

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